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Nittany Entrepreneur Society, formerly known as Innoblue, is the oldest entrepreneurial organization on campus; it was created before Invent Penn State when there was very little entrepreneurship infrastructure on campus. This organization is responsible for creating the Summer Founders Program, HackPSU, LionLaunch Pad, Blockchain Club, and several other technology and entrepreneurship initiatives at Penn State.

To this day, we remain committed to the ideas of innovation and entrepreneurship that we were founded on. Still, we are adapting as the needs of the university are constantly changing. We want to expose students to new ideas/opportunities while educating them about many recent topics to connect them with their passions earlier in their college careers.

We accomplish these goals by organizing events such as the start-up career fair and our signature speaker series, hosting workshops to help improve the skills and knowledge of the student body, and providing support/opportunities for student-led projects to encourage people to apply their skills/talents. That being said, there is room for every type of person to find a role within Nittany Entrepreneur Society.

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